Project Description

Speed up team collaboration without cluttering everyone’s inbox

SECURE.CHAT is a collaboration tool that we created to help teams work more effectively. By using a secure chat tool instead of email, discussions happen more easily, meeting time is reduced and decision are reached quicker. We use SECURE.CHAT for all our projects and it keeps everyone informed of what’s going on, allows us to work faster and has reduced our internal email by around 90%.

Key Features

  • Create channels for any project, department or team and let members communicate naturally
  • Use threads to organise conversations into topics
  • Drag and drop files (documents, images, videos) directly into the conversation to discuss or collect feedback
  • Integrate with existing tools like Zendesk, Trello and GitHub to streamline event notifications
  • Configurable channels and notifications put you back in control of your communications
  • Strong end-to-end encryption and servers hosted in Switzerland ensure security and privacy.