Project Description

 A modern approach to Field Trials

Field Trials are conducted to scientifically test seed varieties, fertilizers, chemicals or growing protocols to determine which ones perform the best. There is a lot of data collecting during the trial process and it is typically very time consuming to collect and process all this information. QuickTrials uses the latest approaches and technologies to significantly reduce the time required to collect and analyse Trial data, so researchers can spent more time on their core business activities.

Key Technologies

A multi-dimensional hypercube is used so that any kind of trial (with any number of dimensions and parameters) can be created and later analysed using powerful statistics and reporting tools like R, Tableau or the build in charts. Google’s BigQuery is used in the background to ensure a highly scalable, secure and enterprise ready solution.


  • Faster and easier to get field trials up and running
  • Improved accuracy through more consistent data
  • Instead of waiting for weeks, trial results are available in near real-time
  • Adds the ability to record photos and GPS data with measurements
  • Saves time and money

“We are delighted with QuickTrials and it’s integration into our business systems. The software ensures a quick and easy method of recording our trial data in the field. Results are easy to access and simple to interpret with meaningful data for us and our customers.”

Agility Agriculture


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