Everywhere and for Everyone

We help clients to rethink their business models to best leverage emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Thriving in an age of accelerating, compounding change

Everything is becoming connected

The nature of an object changes when its connected. As the world becomes ever more digital and hyperconnected we’re seeing widespread disruption as well as massive opportunities for business that can redefine themselves.

Change is accelerating

Change is happening faster than ever before. Many of the technology forces are exponential in nature and have a multiplying effect when combined.  This means that the pace of change will continue to accelerate and this next decade will likely be more disruptive than the previous 30 years.

Adapting and staying flexible

In times of great change it helps to be agile and think differently. What if you could hire a startup with a team of experienced Entrepreneurs to help create your next product or business service? That’s what we provide at RESONANZ Lab. We help clients create the right strategies, products and services for their companies to adapt to the new, rapidly changing, digital landscape.

What we do

Our approach to innovation

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5 technologies that will shape the next 5 years


Micro insurance program designed for smallholder farmers

  • Won Financial Times award for technology in sustainable finance
  • Largest micro-finance program in Africa

Web/mobile platform to manage smallholder farmer

  • Increases transparency, compliance and traceability
  • Currently being used in 17 countries

Team chat tool that speeds up collaboration and decision making

  • Fast, easy, natural way for teams to work
  • Reduces email clutter
  • Ensures security and privacy

A faster way to collect and analyse field trial data:

  • Data is collected using mobile phones/tablets
  • Data can be analysed immediately with any web browser
  • Saves time and effort while also improving accuracy


What our customers say?

“We have been working with RESONANZ Lab for many years and they have proven to be a highly innovative, professional and dependable partner”

Dr. Marco Ferroni, Executive Director, SFSA

“OneAcre has discovered a uniquely talented innovation partner in RESONANZ Lab. Their approach and professional service is delivering to us a world class service-which has given us a national competitive edge and stretched forward our vision by opening up a new world of possibilities.”

Herbert Mudzamba, Founder / Director, OneAcre Zimbabwe

“RESONANZ Lab have a unique ability to come up with compelling ideas and execute flawlessly.”

Michael Robinson, Chief Science Advisor, SFSA

“RESONANZ Lab provide great support and are excellent at anticipating our needs!”

Robert Berlin, Head Agricultural Services, SFSA

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