Investment Opportunities

At times we have opportunities for investors or companies to invest in projects and products that we launch. This gives investors/companies a chance to explore new market opportunities, test out alternative business services with reduced risk, help generate wider impact and/or participate in additional sources of revenue that may otherwise be difficult to tap into.

Investment is often at the seed stage or early growth stages of a venture and would traditionally be of interest to impact investors and angel investors. Today however there is also a growing interest from companies, NGO’s and institutions to participate in joint-ventures, incubators and startup accelerators as a way to gain early access to innovation and start-up talent. 3S Mobile embraces this new dynamic and provides the best of both worlds by allowing investors or companies to explore product and market opportunities in a more flexible, results oriented approach.

Investment can range from simple sponsorship in return of hard market data, joint ventures based on shared revenue models or equity stakes in project spin-off’s. Flexibility in funding options enable the project and investment model to be fit the investor/company’s specific goals and modality.

Below are a list of the current opportunities. We are always happy to discuss additional ideas or products you may wish to launch.


Description: A SaaS chat solution for businesses that care about privacy and security.
  • Provides more control (than email) and helps to speed up communication amongst teams
  • Strong end-to-end encryption and servers 100% hosted in Switzerland for increased security and privacy
  • Provides a more natural, engaging way to work that reduces internal email overload
  • Conversations can be organized into channels and threads
  • Supports guaranteed deletion and off-the-record messages
  • Integrates with other tools such as Zendesk, SupportBee, Pivotal Tracker, etc.
Investment Stage: Early growth (product already launched)
Investment for: Angel or early growth investors, security/privacy-oriented companies
Further details:


Description: A SaaS platform that makes it easier to conduct agricultural field trials (Eg. seed, fertilizer, chemical, crop protocol trials).
  • Faster to get field trials up and running
  • More complete and consistent data thanks to software validation
  • Saves time and greatly reduces effort of collating and analysing trial data
  • Faster access to trial results for earlier insights
  • Improved control and compliance with timestamps and GPS location
  • Photos can be easily captured and linked
  • Lower overall cost of collecting and processing field trial data
Investment Stage: Early growth (product already launched)
Investment for: Angel investors, research institutions or seed/fertilizer/chemical companies looking to explore new tools or engagement channels
Further details: Download the PDF or visit


Description: A mobile app for emerging markets that helps individual farmers to select inputs (seeds, fertilizer, chemicals), track growing activities, prepare for compliance audits and perform basic financial planning.
  • Empowers farmers through additional information and tools
  • Farmers can perform financial scenario planning to see how different input investments affect the expected yield and financial return
  • Inputs can be shown based on location suitability (weather, soil type), irrigation and budget
  • Farmers can see how they compare to other farmers (anonymised) to help foster best practises
  • App maintains a history of decisions and growing activities that helps farmers prepare for compliance audits (Eg. Organic, Fairtrade, Global G.A.P.).  It also makes it easier for growers to compare their seasons with accurate historic data.
Investment Stage: Seed stage
Investment for: Angel investors, impact investors, NGO’s or seed/fertilizer/chemical companies looking to explore new engagement channels.
Further details: PDF coming soon